MODU Uncle John Fire

Heard today on channel 16, MODU Uncle John on fire - M/V Irish and Harvey Runner assisting. Only heard Coast Guard side of the radio transmissions. Anybody else hear anything about this? Hope no one was hurt.

this is definitely something Cal-Dive does not need at the moment…

let’s hope it is not serious and nobody is harmed

Yes. There was a fire. Vessel being tugged to Mobile, AL. No injuries.

Here’s what the USCG had to say:

The motor vessel Uncle John, a semi-submersible dive support vessel, had a fire in the #2 engine room. The engine room was sealed off and the HALON system deployed extinguishing the fire.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. After the fire was extinguished the vessel was adrift 20 miles near of Venice, LA with a obstruction being 14 miles away. With the assistance of four offshore supply vessels that were on scene the Uncle john was able to establish positive control.

Once the emergency generator became operational Uncle John tested its crane to offload all non essential personnel to a nearby OSV. There were 84 people on board, with no reports of pollution or injuries.

37 U.S. personnel were successfully transferred to two separate OSV’s and were transported to Port Fourchon. The remaining two OSV’s maintainted positive control They will transit to Venice, LA to onload a generator for deballasting purposes, after which they will be towed into Mobile, AL.

[QUOTE=rob;152374]The engine room was sealed off and the HALON system deployed extinguishing the fire.
Whoa! They let loose with an outlawed Ozone Depleting Substance? Yikes, send lawyers, guns and money.

Would that be the same USCG that inspects the vessel?