O.S. Deckhand daily pay rates

[QUOTE=Saltgrain;145468]He is just trying to figure out if they are discriminating against him for his ethnicity I am sure. If one person says they made/make more than the 145… he will start a fuss.

His mistake is he went to the Dept. of Labor site and is using some statistic there as if it were a “minimum wage”.

Likely what he saw was an average pay rate for the position for all industries and companies… and even length of employment.

That stands to reason that there are people making a lot more at that level… and others making LESS.

From his last posts… his nationality (not his ethnicity… difference) is what is holding him back from achieving higher license status. He has already been told that he will just have to bite his tongue… take what he can get for now and then upgrade when he is legally eligable. If 145/day isn’t acceptable… he can look at the alternatives… which for him is quite likely “nothing” since he has issues with work status/certification.

At that rate 28/14 (assume that’s his rotation)… he will pull in a little better than 35K/year. Not huge money… but better than zero. From what I see, there aren’t many places where he could do dramatically better… and of course there are other possible benefits such as health care, retirement…etc… that he doesn’t mention.

Message to Matadoro… there is no Government dictated salary rate for any job in this country… save for minimum wage laws… it is up to the company what they pay you (or if union… based on the union agreement with said company).[/QUOTE] well thank you for the information ,and also us labour dept says that it more ,I heard that the pay rate for OS is about 180-200 day and that’s why I was asking and I see you quite smart you went deeper into my question because yes I had to think it the way you explained it. THANK YOU!! bordelon is not hiring its Honrbeck is and I don’t know about bordelon as I heard that they have new Dp2 OSV thats the pay rate !!!

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[QUOTE=KrustySalt;145373]Didn’t you just say they offered you $145/day? It seems like you already know![/QUOTE]

they are not hiring I Heard the number from a friend of mine and I wanted to figure out if I apply any where else is this the normal rate ?

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captains and mates and a mariners hope you all having a great day I’m getting hired as a deckhand /wiper can you guys tell me how much is daily pay rate for these positions on board of osv ? what do I need to take with me on board for the 28 rotation ? the offer made to me is 145/day ? I read on the US labor dept,site the least pay should be 15.75/hr for deckhand/wiper/oiler etc. "

Matadoro… looks like you have an offer of employment in the gulf… using the search function, you will find answers about general pay rates… keep in mind some may be old… some may be lies… take it all with a grain of salt.

It seems like you are trying to figure out whether the offer you got was reasonable and in line with other salaries.

If you look through this site, you will see there is a great variety of pay rate amongst operators… all sorts of factors are the reason why. Some places have better benefits… some small operators… it’s all they can pay. I see a lot of people getting hung up on salary and if someone else is making 25 dollars a day more than them etc…
While I like my paycheck as much as the next guy. Money is not everything. I would much rather work with people I respect (and respect me)… get good experience… have a nice boat with nice perks (favorite is the cotton candy machine … just kidding). In other words, 25 dollars more a day won’t make up for a crap schedule and always missing crew change and a company that seriously doesn’t give a crap about you.

What you need to decide is that whether you are willing to do the job for the salary you are being offered. That’s it. It is irrelevant what the other companies are paying if they haven’t offered you a job (and may be in a hiring freeze). The best paying and plushesht jobs probably have the least amount of turnover… so maybe you won’t ever get a shot at a job at one of those places… but you DO have a job offer now according to your post on the other thread. Sounds like you have been told the salary is not out of line with the industry… so all you have to do now is decide whether you take it or hold out for the mythical unicorn of a better job.

Not trying to be a smart ass… but in a nutshell, you have a job offer… the pay isn’t at the top of the industry, but it ain’t at the bottom… it will move you along towards your end goal… so are you gonna take it or not?

Lots of unlicensed engineers out there making pretty good money too. If you have the desire to work the engine room and skills you could do that. Depending on location and company there is a huge margin on what kind of money you could make while you are accruing seatime for what your ultimate goal is.

BargeMonkey where do you work at and are they doing any hiring for OS or Wipers?

I’ve been with a 10 boat company for 2yrs and i started as an OS at 130. Within a yr I took on responsibility as a Relief ULEngineer, received my AB and was at 200. (My co didnt need ABs though) In another yr (of hard work and building a respectful rep) i upgraded to my 100 Ton and am currently at 325 as Training Capt. Not the highest in the industry but not the lowest either. Moral of story is, i remember being green too and thinking 130 isnt shit, but if u take the offer and work hard, youll move up fast with that co or another. (Assuming you upgrade as you meet your sea time) Good Luck with your journey skipper!