NZ Engineer Looking for Atlantic Crossing Europe-Americas


I am looking for a voyage from Europe to Americas in January 2009.

I am a New Zealand Citizen with my: STCW95, FirstAid, Bachelor of Engineering (Uni of Auckland, NZ)

I also have a little sea experience with a Norwegian cargo carrier shipping line “GearBulk”.I worked as an assistant electrician with Gearbulk but am not fussy what role I play.

I work hard and learn extremely quickly. I can fix your boats electrics, paint the deck, prepare a few basic meals, serve drinks or handle basic engine maintenance. Give me a go! I won’t let you down.

I’m 24 and have worked as logistics, commercial engineer, researcher, web designer, workshop aid, butcher, electrician!

I have been working the last 6 months doing cyclone relief work in Myanmar after the cyclone and am looking to escape a while. I can meet you anywhere in Europe, and am aiming for anywhere in America (North/South/Cuba/Mexico).

Thanks for your replies!

JaredBroad at “gee”

You’re just looking for 1 one-way trip? I think that’s going to be hard to find.

Yachties…ya gotta love 'em.

This site is geared mostly toward US Mariners working on US flagged ships but I wish you the best of luck.
Yachts head from the Med to the US in Sept.
Get your B1/B2 and fly to Miami for 500 bucks. Otherwise stick around the Med till May.
If you are into volunteering, there is always Sea Shepard.
Just kidding.

Ouch! But seriously, they would never hire him. He said above he has 6 months experience.

Thank you for your replies,

I am prepared to work-my-passage/volunteer. I’d rather not fly and I’m not in a rush.

Mike-I have been 6 months in Burma constructing hospitals. Before that I was a professional engineer in New Zealand.

I am in London now. I will look around the ports here and see what is available.

Kind Regards

Jared Broad

It’s your forum (the participants that is) so I won’t tell anyone how it runs but our offical gCaptain line is: Geared toward <strong>Professional Mariners</strong> working on <strong>Commercial Vessels</strong>.
We welcome all who do this for a living, regardless of nationality. It is my belief that we all have a lot to learn from each other so I welcome anyone who can write in English.
Think of it this way… would you rather a foriegn master learn about how we operate ships on gCaptain or at Malfunction Junction??

Let us know what you find.