Number of vessels attending Dali

Quick look at AIS this morning. 99 vessels at the wreck site, number higher than earlier because barges have been AIS equipped . May have picked up a few not involved transiting auxiliary channel.

Excluding wartime has any wreck been this complicated?

I would venture to say that it is not a complication matter but too many federal, state, and local bodies involved. All of the emissions being released but we need to slow down because our EEXI Number came in too high last year! Maybe the public sector is the way to go!

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All of the barges and crane rigs seem to have AIS on them now, that’s why it looks so crowded.

Plus the safety boats, launches/crew boats, police, survey, and tug boats. It’s a big blob of blue on marine traffic.

I’ve always thought that barges should have AIS:

“towed barge” “pushed barge” “anchored barge” and “moored barge” would be nice too.

There’s probably a way to create a “virtual AIS” signal off of the responsible tug, kind of like they do for virtual ATON. Or a remotely controlled transponder.