AIS and the USCG

I’m working on grad school paper on Port Security. Does anyone know if USCG Stations and Sectors command centers have AIS yet? The last USCG “Group” I worked at as a reservist four years ago did not, and that was long after it was required on commercial vessels. Neither did the Stations and cutters assigned the the Group. I remember suggesting it to the Group Commander, but that was AIS back then (kinda like GMDSS originally) was an “M” thing, plus there was no funding.

I don’t know about the new Sectors though. I can’t imagine they don’t by now. What about the smaller cutters and remote stations?

all the big vessels have it. I am not sure about the RIBS and such. I am sure they do though.

The main sector bases do have it. I have been called several times out of the blue asking about something nearby, or to confirm my destination. So I do know they are looking at it.

Here is some local knowledge for San Francisco, CA which is located in USCG District 11
The local Sector San Francisco Coast guard assets including Cutters (87xxx) , MLBs(47xxx) and RBS (25xxxx)) all appear to have AIS. They were all very active on a regular basis as seen in a local real time AIS feed. Lately, they have been mostly quiet
The San Francisco Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) is based on AIS and radar.

It has a network of AIS receivers. I have visited their facility on Yerba Buena Island.

I cannot tell you if the stations and headquarters for Sector San Francisco have their own AIS display capability. I would assume that it would be forthcoming as part of an effort called NAIS: