Another lurker flushed

Hey ya’ll. I’ve been lurking here for about a year now and finally decided to register. I think I found the site while doing a search for info on AIS and I keep coming back. I keep a fishing boat in Venice and get down there when I can. I"m one of those weekend warriors you guys have to watch out for but I’ve been lucky and never gotten close to getting run down and I hope I’ve never given anyone a scare myself. I’m a firm believer in “gross tonnage rules.” One thing I’ve noticed is the workboat captains have been very courteous in slowing down when meeting to avoid waking us too bad in tthe passes. Thanks for what you guys do and stay safe out there.

Glad you joined the discussion, welcome aboard!

Now I only wish those workboat guys where so courteous when passing ahead of my (slightly larger) vessel :wink: