Nuclear sailors fly higher

Discriminating sailors aboard nuclear powered aircraft carriers opt for sophisticated drugs over plain ol’ weed.

But have you ever operated a nuclear reactor… on LSD!!

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Now that’s scary. Thought LSD went out with the 70’s. Can’t imagine even being in a rowboat with that stuff.

I met merchant mariners that told me LSD was their go-to drug because it doesn’t show up on a piss test.

LSD?! What happened to just huffing coil cleaner…

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Those are kind of the backwards of each other. One’s an anesthetic and the other lowers your sensory filters and keeps you wide awake.

Here’s what the Sandoz chemist who developed the stuff in the forties had to say about it in 1979. Interesting to note that I believe it’s beginning to be used in psychiatry again.

I think it’s a fascinating read but of course YMMV.

The CIA experimented with LSD in the fifties. They didn’t bother telling the volunteers they were going to experience psychotic out of body experiences. Some committed suicide and many survivors were never the same again.
I have a fairly benign attitude toward drugs as long as they’re kept out of the my work place but guys high on acid running nuclear plants adds a complexity to life I had not previously considered.

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the must be doing low grade stuff, I can NOT imagine being anyplace on board, on or off duty and going about without someone hauling you into sick bay or some place.