Radiation levels aboard USNS


I was a little leery of the source but I googled “USS Ronald Reagan Fukushima” and came up with a lot of hits, including Stars and Stripes.

This is very plausible…and pretty damn sad

This is not the first time servicemembers have been forced to be radioactive guinea pigs.

Let’s keep an eye on this.

[QUOTE=catherder;126610]Let’s keep an eye on this.[/QUOTE]

Fortunately there are people other than “Flag rank” keeping eyes on it for reasons other than trying to cover it up. The timeline and spin on the story as it unfolds is indicative of the real interests of those who control information.

I wonder what might be buried in the WikiLeaks files?

“Powell, (the radiation health officer aboard the USS Ronald Reagan) … was quick to point out that contamination levels were never anywhere close to what could be considered dangerous, emphasizing that no one on the ship was exposed to even half the radiation from a chest X-ray. ‘I would say not even a tenth,’ he added.”


The Navy will deny everything until the last poisoned sailor has died then some admiral will piously admit “mistakes were made” and promise that “this will never happen again.”