Chernobyl Misbehaving Again

Not a maritime issue, but troubling…

Russian hackers?

There goes my summer vacation plans.


Get that internal tan in the wintertime. . . .

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Total misinformation from someone who doesn’t have a clue about how nuclear fission works.

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If you want to understand how routine this is, this is a great thread to explain that:

Nuclear Operator on Twitter: “INCREASE IN FISSION REACTIONS IN CHERNOBYL A well-known process in nuclear physics, already identified in Chernobyl back in 1990, has become tabloid news creating unwarranted alarm. I’ll try to explain it in a short THREAD.” / Twitter

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Shouldn’t be a problem for too long; the half-life of U235 is only 700 million years.

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“midnight at Chernobyl” is a good book i recently read about this. I think they said about 4 tons were initially missing but most has since been accounted for. I think ultimately the biggest fear is if the ‘blob’ of radioactive matter (since morphed into a pile) were to make it thru the last of the concrete bottom or spread in the underground chambers into the water table it would become largely unstoppable. certainly a huge fear but perhaps at this juncture not as bad as fushikayama or the ‘place’ in Japan where this is evidently happening now with huge efforts at a sort of cover up or ‘quieting’.

Absolute codswallop! There was no meltdown there. People still work in the reactor.

Yes people still work there, but they are limited on how long they can stay there due to the radiation levels that still exist.

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I don’t know about Japanese nuclear power plants but in the US most workers are given badges that monitors the radiation levels exposed to the badge & worker & once a certain threshold is meet the worker can’t go back into the area for a certain amount of time. X-RAY technicians & other medical professionals are required to wear such badges too.

I do know about operating distillers/evaporators that makes fresh water from seawater & ours get turned off way before going near Fukushima.

Here’s a good story…
Friend of my sisters who worked in Radiology loaned her pilot husband her badge
in 10 days of flying in OZ it went off.

You get a lot of cosmic rays at high altitudes. If memory serves, pregnant aircrew are not sent on some polar routes that get the most radiation.
This is also why a flight to Mars would be fairly unhealthy in the current generation of spacecraft.