i was rejected of receiving a scholarship. When do I sign up for college program? Is the college program competitive to get into?

I very much encourage you to have direct contact with SUNY Maritime’s Naval Science Department and ask about the Merchant Marine Reserve/Student Incentive Program.

MMR/SIP is a special program the Navy offers to all state maritime academy cadets.

I like MMR/SIP because as opposed to NROTC - it is not based so much on SAT’s or high school GPA - but, based on your specific interest in serving our nation as a commissioned officer - and your academic performance while attending a state maritime academy.

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If you are not competing for the scholarship opportunities, NROTC is not competitive to get into. Contact the NROTC unit at the school you intend on attending. In fact, you can attend the first two years of NROTC without incurring a mandatory service requirement.

I also have an NROTC scholarship application with my first choice being SUNY Maritime. Being out of state, it would be very nice to of course have paid for tuition. My ‘status’ is still listed as ‘no decision has been made’ but I am not so hopeful as my grades aren’t Christ-like perfect. When I was visiting SUNY, the counselor told me that college program is more like a ‘sign up’ ‘get in’ type thing as I asked him the exact question about the college program. At any rate I will probably be doing the same thing as you sooner than later.

Good luck

be sure to check what the scholarship covers. Tuition is the cheapest thing at SUNY Maritime. Its the room and board and FEES that kill you …

Consider Fuji’s advice above. I’m not sure NROTC w/o a scholarship gets you anything that you can’t get by being a cadet and taking the MMR option.