Nov 2021 NMC Renewal Time Line

Actually impressed with NMC MMC renewal time I just experienced.

Master 1,600GRT/3,000GT Oceans with STCW and bunch of random endorsements.

Submitted via email to Memphis REC.

11OCt21: Email to REC Memphis
20Oct21: Shipped to NMC
22Oct21: Awaiting to Clear Security Vetting
26Oct21: Cleared Safety Suitability
26Oct21: Cleared Medical Screening
27Oct21: Being Evaluated for Professional Qualifications
09Nov21: Approved for Issuance
10Nov21: Printed
12Nov21: Issued and Mailed

Total 33 Days for a completed renewal application. Evaluated didn’t need any addition info etc. My MMC was not valid and was in the 1 year window for renewal.

Side note I requested approval to test upgrade which required an addition form as evaluated didn’t pull my legacy file and requested addition seatime.

I am currently approved for Master AGT Inland (2,000GRT/4,000GT limitation) via the MSM Vol.III backdoor from Master 1600GRT Oceans. Also approved for second mate Near Coastal on same approval to test letter. This has been discussed lengthly on forum but not in years and I stated the MSM and evaluator happy approved no debate.