MMC Renewal 2022 Timeline

MMC Renewal Timeline 2022

3/31/22 Received Rec Miami

4/4/22 Forward to NMC for Evaluation

4/11/22 Cleared Safety and Suitability Vetting and awaiting PQEB

5/19/22 Application is being evaluated by PQEB

5/20/22 Application Has Completed the Evaluation Process and is Approved for Issuance

5/26/22 Your MMC has been issued and mailed via first class USPS, unless otherwise requested.

5/28/22 Received in Mailbox

58 days total from email sent to MMD in mailbox at house, with a hiccup in beginning due to drug letter.

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Well hopefully my simple raise in grade is nearing the end of it’s time waiting at NMC then!