Not fixing the screens on the back porch


What are you guys not doing?

Not sanding and painting deck railings.

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Not dealing with the huge oak tree that fell from the neighbor’s yard and nicked the corner of mine.IMG_0509

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Glad you posted that. Today, I finally replaced front storm door screen with pet screen for my bear/mutt. The back slider screen awaits patiently.

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Managed to fix an over full bottle of bubbles before continuing on to not fix anything else. :champagne::blush::clinking_glasses:

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I’m not catching any fish


I bought a metal detector as I was extremely bored and have old ruin on my land, but all I have found is junk.

Spork,Have a nice Fisher, perhaps I need to break it out and put new batteries in. Listen to the sound your rig makes before you dig. I found an old friends ring many moons ago in South Nags Head. Most rewarding find to this date., the happiness in their eyes was awesome. Funny thing is, I found it with an old “Coinmaster”, not my newest rig.

I wonder what kind of ‘treasure’ might be found in the bottom of the canals where I live.

Ya just never know Lee… The guy I found the ring for took me old bottle hunting in Kitty Hawk. Have a nice collection now. Those folks liked their laudamen or whatever it was called/spelled… Serious opiates Found some with the partial corks still in them. Sworn to secrecy where we hunted. Brought the detector just for shits and giggles. Found a few old stuff. The bottles were kinda cool.

You lucky people have all summer for those jobs. I’m picking that the master chief will pass the order down on fixing the screens when the critters turn up.
I’ve finished painting using the small tractor to finish painting the barge boards at the peak of the roof. It was handy having everything I needed up there with me.


Now that’s cool shit hog. I actually do need a new roof. Thanks to my relief to understand 25 years ago my roof wasn’t done, and made an extra few days on my behalf. Had some good shipmates. Covered for them as well.

Probably a rare find if the label is intact or nearly so. Back in the day, when Coke had coke in it, laudanum was marketed as an effective treatment for the pesky feminine 'vapours", frailties which manifested themselves in swooning, depression, and bloating.

Nailed it sir. Never found one with labels, but knew the history. Only the partial corks was what I found, amongst other good bottles from way back when. Wouldn’t surprise me at all you know or are connected somehow to these folks. A very small world we live in. Planning on doing the slider tomorrow, or the next day LOL. Those skitos are gonna show up soon.

I didn’t mow my lawn this weekend. . . of course I never do.

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I should have mowed, it’s getting a bit thick with all this rain, but my son is taking me golfing today. Wouldn’t miss that for all the tea in China. The Deere can wait . Slider screen still awaiting patiently. I will get to it, someday.

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Not getting rich panning for gold. Did find a small flake, a quarter I suspect someone threw in from a bridge up stream making a wish & the kids got 3 crawdaddies & built a dam.


Not going to Home Depot.

I went yesterday and it was a madhouse, people were packed in like sardines, the staff looked exhausted, everyone was sweating from the heat. Did not feel safe. I turned right around and drove away without one item on my honey-do list.

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Its great fun. I spent a summer high banking. After all the costs I didn’t make any money but it was a grand time.

The best technique for a recreational guy is crevicing. Good way to find nuggets missed by the old timers.

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Been getting a lot of PMs asking for an update and by a lot I mean none, anyway finished the back porch today.

Star wood screws and portable screwdrivers / drills are so wonderful I got a little work done on the front porch as well.