Norwegians on PT boats in Vietnam War

An earlier thread about the PTF Nasty/Tjeld Class in Vietnam is now 8 years old (4 yrs. since last post)
There are now a new development on the story so i start this new thread.

The book “Vikings at war for the CIA” will be launched during events in Oslo and Bergen on 29 January and 1 February respectively.

For the first time, it has been possible to go in depth about some of the most secret operations that took place during the Vietnam War - in which Norway and Norwegians played an important role. Photo borrowed from veteran Rich Stenger.

Here is an article about the book and the operations:

PTFs in formation somewhere in the South China Sea:

Source: Vegvæ­ring gir ut bok om norsk involve­ring i Vietnam­krigen - (Behind paywall)

Another book about the same subject, written by Author Alessandro Giorgi is due in May 2024.
(Apparently based on the same declassified material):

PS> This one in English