The Nasty class prototype on trial:

Here is an old picture showing the prototype of the NASTY Class on trial back in 1957:
PS> This is with armament as used by the Norwegian Navy on their Tjeld-Class, not on the US Navy’s PT version

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There is a marina only a few miles from my house which has a US built Nasty Class boat on the hard, slowly returning to nothing more than kindling and debris. The owner also has a few Napier Deltic engines collecting dust in the yard as well. I think if he had started to restore it 15 years ago it might have had a chance, but now… He might be able to take some measurements from the carcass I suppose. A real shame.

What are the pipes that run the length of the vessel just above the deck. I looked up the class of vessel and saw a few other pictures but cant make sense of what those are/were?

Fish Plate?

Are you talking about the pipes with the straps and small triangular gussets? Those are torpedo tubes, two per side.

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Right. Torpedo tube suitable for WWII German T-2 torpedos.

The US boats did not have torpedo tubes as they were used for a different purpose.
I saw some of them in Vietnam, with machine guns in place of the Bofors an Oerlikon guns and sand bags around the superstructure. (Maybe only for Mekong Delta use?)