Norway is to build the world's first ship tunnel

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New development in this project is good news for the district and for small ships trafficking the Norwegian coast:

Please educate me as to where on the west coast of Norway would a 1.7 km ship tunnel be advantageous. Not trying to be a snot but never been in that section of the world…

Its one off few places on the Norwegian coast you are not sheltered. Dangerous place during winter for small vessels.

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Here is a video from the Norwegian Coastal Authority about the project:

Preparations are underway for the construction to start early next year:

The main users are likely to be fast ferries and smaller vessels.

FYI: It will enable regular fast ferry service from Bergen to Ålesund v.v. with a travel time of approx. 4 hrs. (33 kts.)
Driving takes many times that and involve several ferry crossings. (Approx. 12 hrs.)
By Hurtigruten it takes 13.5 hrs. (overnight trips, both ways)
The flying time is only 30 min. but with travel to/from the airports, check-in and security check it takes about the same as by fast ferry town center to town center.

First activity has started. Geophysical drilling at the entrance in Moldefjorden being carried out by Multiconsults AS, using this drilling vessel: