Hurtigruten's oldest vessel, MS Vesterålen

MS Vesterålen is now the oldest ship on the regular Coastal Express service along the Norwegian coast:

Here is a video showing normal loading a discharging operation that goes on in 34 ports along the coast, during the 5.5 day trip from Bergen to Kirkenes:

Then turn around and repeat the same on the south bound trip, year around and year after year.

She is one of 11 ships that cover this route. (One north bound and one south bound per day in each port, every day)

Havila Capella, the first of 4 new ships that will serve on the Coastal Express is on the way from the building yard in Turkey to Norway:

These 4 ships are owned and operated by a new company to the service called Havila Kystruter (Havila Voyages):
They will serve together with 7 ships from Hurtigruten to maintain the daily service in the years to come… These ships will be more environmentally friendly and more attuned to cruise passengers then the Vesterålen. The 7 ships from Hurtigruten will also be upgraded to the new low emission standard:

The cargo and car capacity of the new ships are reduces compared to the older ships:

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