Norway is really awesome


Somewhere some time ago I posted a video about Norwegian Rednecks, but they were not found worthy of the title.
But here is proof that they are just as ingenious as their US originals:

The driver was not a just going around the block. He is now a pedestrian for the next 2 years, I believe.


It doesn’t help to be “biggest in the world”. this Jackup still need good weather to position against a platform in the North Sea:

In 1980 I waited on weather for nearly 3 months to get what was then the biggest J/U in the world, the “Dyvi Beta”, off a platform in the British sector of the North Sea.


Norway trying to do it’s bit for the environment:

While exporting oil and gas to be burnt elsewhere, thus not counting as Norwegian emission.


Nobody want oil or gas anymore?
Nevermind, people still need fish and Norway can supply it:


Sure, everyone likes seafood, but -


Trump says we need more people from Norway and not ‘shithole’ countries. Congratulations Norway, you’re not a shithole.


I believe he wanted to know why more people from decent countries like Norway aren’t emigrating to the U.S. I’ll await our resident expert’s response to this in the morning. Maybe his opinion of Trump will be on the rise :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Having been associated at various times with US “foreign aid” organizations [I made a lot of money in the process] I can state that most US foreign aid ends up right back in the USA in the pockets of those with the right political connections . I’m a bit lazy today so I’ll copy and paste from Politifact.
"Former USAID administrator Shah said that most U.S. foreign assistance goes to private companies and nonprofits in the form of contracts and grants. According to the Congressional Budget Office, USAID, the government’s largest agency for non-military aid, spends about 4 percent of its funds on direct aid to foreign governments. A trade publication reported that 70 percent of the agency’s money ran through U.S.-based organizations.

The use of contracts and grants has grown over the past three decades. An independent aid analyst said the general pattern at USAID applies across the other government offices that oversee foreign assistance."
The term nonprofit is meaningless when the people running said nonprofit pay themselves millions.
Socialism for US corporations in other words.


President Trump said, “Why do we want all these people from Africa here? They’re shithole countries … We should have more people from Norway."


Yes yes. I’m baiting a troll here :smirk:


The irony here is that as a matter of course our Norwegian friends usually disagree with everything President Trump says. Therefore I’m expecting out friends to insist that, in fact, Norway is a shithole country.




The “troll” is probably laughing. For all his faults and weakness for pricking the USA bubble I don’t believe even he would fall for this ruse.


You didn’t read the rest of the article, did you?

FYI: The US Aid in percentage of GDP is 0.19% and falling.

Oh, and see tengineer1’s post # 108 above for a liiiitle reality check. When you deduct what is US Aid to US companies and to buy allegiance in the UN, there isn’t much left to brag about.


It isn’t much Trump says or does that impress me and his statements while meeting with the Norwegian Prime Minister didn’t change that, nor did his remark about “shithole” countries.
Nobody in their right mind would excuse him of being an intellectual or a diplomate, but those remarks are so stupid that it defies comprehension:

In his meeting with Erna Solberg he managed to praise Norway for buying American F-52 fighter jets:

FYI: F-52 only exists in the game “Call of Duty”.


Of course I’ll oblige with a reply.
Mr. Trump made his remark after meeting with the Prime Minister of Norway and he always agree with the last person he spoke to, then turn around and insult them in a tweet the next morning.

It appears that somebody have already replied him on Twitter though:

I believe the fact is that there are more migration FROM USA to Norway than the other way around at the moment.




This includes military assistance, weapons and to bolster US interests.
Not comparable with foreign aid given by European and other countries.

If you separate that from actual humanitarian and actual development aid the figure become VERY different. If you also consider all the costs of US Consultants, the demand that the material and food given are “Made in America” and transported on US flag ships, or in other manners benefit America first, the actual “gift” becomes a pittance.

True aid is to buy local products and produce that benefits local workers and farmers and use local labour and expertise as far as possible.

Facts from LA Times earlier this year:

And of course from that famously “Fake News” channel, CNN:


And before somebody comes with the standard argument about high taxes in Norway vs. USA, consider this:

Yes both personal income tax and sales tax in Norway is high relative to US, but so are wages for ordinary workers. (Not so for CEOs and Executives only)

In Norway (and most other European countries) your taxes pay for your health care, education, pension and a whole host of of other benefits and are not dependent on your employer’s generosity. This applies to anybody who are residents, or who work in Norway, incl. on ships under NOR flag, regardless of nationality, race or religion etc.

You are covered from cradle to grave and do not have to worry about being sick, injured, disabled or out of work. (As long as you are paying your taxes that is)

Now, take what you pay in total for the same service and security if you are living and working in USA, if that is at all possible.

Even if you are covered by health insurance through your employer it is indirectly paid for by you, same as by your taxes in Norway. But in Norway you don’t loose your health insurance if you loose your job.

Unless you are member of a Government or Employers pension fund, you have to save up for your old age, or depend on your children to be caring for you.

If you have children who are going to collage you will either have to save or borrow to cover expensive tuition fees and other expenses.

If you add all those expenses on top of your tax payment, do you reach anything comparable to the tax burden in Norway/Europe?

But at least you have the pleasure of knowing that somebody get rich off your hard labour and thrift.
I.e. the Shareholder, CEOs and Executives of Insurance Companies, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Industry and those who own and operate the Collages.

If you still wonder why there are few Norwegians migrating to USA, look at the quality of living and security that is afforded here relative to most places in USA, especially the big cities.


NATO countries should stop giving foreign aid, and start paying for the agreed share of their own defense instead of expecting the US to do everything for them.
What the US spends to defend Europe is also foreign aid.