Norway is really awesome


What is this?? I expected a storm hitting me after dinner and all I get is a lame old;
“NATO countries don’t pay enough”???

Your El Presidente manage to insult half the world or more (again) and that is the best defense you can come up with for your illustrious leader??



It’s kind of pointless to defend a racist, fascist, moron.

The lack of people willing to mount any kind of defense of the cretin should indicate, even to you, that most Americans on this site are not the kind of people you think we are.

Find something better to troll.


Oh I’ll make my own judgment to who or what to troll.

This last stupidity of this so called President have just bypassed anything I have been listening to for many years from rednecks that would NEVER learn anything, no matter how many years they worked overseas.

But luckily there are many (most?) who, like you, are disgusted by this kind of talk and I salute you.
There are at least some hope that this craziness can be ended and America get back to a leadership role in the world. Not on previous level, but at least as stabilizing force.

The comments here MAY give some hope:



And another thread goes down the toilet


Unless you have any valid arguments to come with to defend the indefensible.


No. I am not defending him. Why would I?

I was pointing out that Europeans are essentially US welfare recipients. Since they cannot support themselves and have to rely on US welfare, they have no business giving foreign aid to anyone else. Certainly Europe has no business bragging about giving more foreign aid as a percentage of GDP than the US. Since they depend on US aid, European countries are basically giving away US money, not their own.

We Americans must sacrifice and forego free national healthcare, job security, generous unemployment, free education, and all the other nice things that Europeans enjoy, so that we can pay taxes for the US to provide a free defense to Europe.

A lot of Americans are tired of this, that is part of why Trump got elected. If Europeans keep refusing to pay their fair share for their own defense, and keep complaining about the US, then they should look forward to Trump’s re-election.

I can say on thing for certain: Americans are tired of European anti-Americanizim.


Europe is spending what it see as required for the common defence within NATO, which is agreed to be 2% of GDP by 2024.

Europe has no longer any wish to rule the world, thus do not need to spend on a worldwide dominance, unlike USA.

If you Americans feel a need to spend more, that is your choice. It cost money to be the big dog.


I’m all for declaring strict Neutrality, withdrawing from NATO and the U.N., and eliminating all foreign aid.

If Europe, with twice the population and probably ten times the economy, cannot defend itself from the Russians, why should that be our problem. Let the Russians have them.


I’m just glad we can stop saying ‘Third World villager’ and just say ‘shithole villager.’ It rolls of the tongue better.


How did that work out for y’all in WW I and II? I don’t remember history recording any bitching when we bailed your asses out of the fire. How long do you reckon it would take before Putin would be your new Commander in Chief if the big bad US left you to your own meager defenses? What’s changed? Neville Chamberlain would be so proud.


Oddly, this time he’s in trouble for being too candid.

I’ve been to Haiti, El Salvador. and Africa. They are overpopulated hopelessly corrupt kleptocracies run by criminals and murderous gangs.

The US should have a merit based immigration system based upon its labor market requirements just like Canada and most other countries.

We need to lift our own minority populations out of poverty and into lucrative employment before we admit more low skilled immigrants from the rest of the world competing for the same jobs.


This thread started there.


Yes I believe this started as a sarcastic retort to my “enough with the Norwegian shit” thread. Maybe I should dig that gem up from the grave?


This continuous tirade is like listening to a broken record. Those of you born in the eighties who don’t know what a record is, Google it.


Japanese American : $70,261 Norwegian American : $67,403 Nigerian American : $62,086 Arab American : $55,117 Haitian American : $47,751 Afghan American : $43,838[2] Subsaharan African : $43,682[2] African American : $40,931[2] Arab/Arabic : $39,395[2] Iraqi American : $32,594[2] Somali American : $22,368[2]


Where are the American-American, or whatever you’ll call somebody with so mixed ancestry that they cannot claim any one of the many categories list here?? (I.e. Irish-German-Cherokee, with a few drops of Black and Asian blood in the mix)

Doesn’t exist??? Oh yes it does. In my early days in the Offshore business I worked with a Toolpusher from Tennessee who claimed such ancestry. He was known as “Chief” due to his half-Cherokee father.

PS> I notice on your list that Indian-Americans are on top of the list.Not surprisingly when you look at who run some of the biggest multi-national companies with HQ in USA.


It’s not my list, it a cut and paste job from the comments at this article.

Let’s have more African immigrants - Marginal Revolution by Tyler Cowen

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column, here is one bit:

Or consider Nigerian-Americans, Nigeria being the most populous nation in Africa. Their education levels are among the very highest in the U.S., above those of Asians, with 17 percent of Nigerian migrants having a master’s degree.


Economist Edward Lazear suggests a simple experiment. Consider immigrants to the U.S. from Algeria, Israel and Japan, and rank them in order of most educated to least educated. The correct answer is Algeria, Israel then Japan. Although that’s counterintuitive at first glance, it’s easy enough to see how it works. If you are Algerian and educated, or aspire to be educated, your prospects in Algeria are relatively poor and you may seek to leave. A talented, educated person in Japan or Israel can do just fine by staying at home. These kinds of considerations explain about 73 percent of the variation in the educational outcomes of migrants.

Do read the whole thing.


I don’t know if Europe haven’t done enough to pay back for the assistance during WW i & II and the Marshall Plan. In the first years after the war Europe was in ruins, but when they started to get back on their feet they constituted the major market for US goods and services, keeping the US economy humming.

Times have changed and Russia is no longer a major power, or with ambitions to rule the world militarily.
If Russia constitute a bigger threat to Europe and the world than the possibility of an unhinged US President starting a war by his stupidity can be debated.
Hopefully there are enough left of the checks and balances to stop him, but it doesn’t look promising.

To pull America out of the world order it created would be totally in line with what this President is capable of doing, without any considerations, or understanding, of the consequences for USA and the rest of the world. How long could America survive on its own resources and without a market for its products?


I believe hipsters now call it “vinyl.”


I’m holding out for “shellac”. Which my first records were. Really shellac and paper…