Norway is really awesome


Actually the quoted article was a gcaptain article on Inmarsat.


Ooops, I hit the reply button before proof reading (Again!!!)
Now corrected and here is the article:


Interesting. Well done Norway.


Growth hormones in the “food” everybody eats.


No that is not the reason:

Good and plentiful food and the standard of living improvement over the last 50 years is more likely the reason. For some reason the female population appear to have increased more in height (relatively) than the males. (My observation. I have no statistics to prove it)

PS> The invasion of American Fast Food may have contributed as well. (Mostly to obesity??)


Your dead right my last job at sea had the hull built in China to ice class. The hull was shipped on a heavy lift to Norway where the vessel was completed. I hold a certificate to be Master of a Norwegian Flag vessel even though I am not Norwegian.


You mean this one?:

This was the maiden cargo for the HLV Xiang Rui Kou. from Dalian, China to Floro, Norway in 2011.

I was Superint./Loadmaster for her next cargo, the Grab Dredger “Dong Xiang”, ex “To Sho” registered in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia but Chinese owned.

Loaded in Nagasaki, Japan for Ngqura, South Africa in 2012:

FYI: The “Dong Xiang” was the largest Grab Dredger in the world at the time. The largest grab had a volume of 200 Cbm. and the heaviest weighted in at 520 m.t.

PS> She is not on the rocks, that is just an optic illusion. She was anchored in a sheltered bay with plenty of sea room:


The Aasta Hansteen deck structure has arrived at Westcon, Oelen on board the HLV White Marlin:

It will be transferred to two other HLVs and mated with the SPAR that is already anchored and waiting in Digernessundet near Stord.
Here is an animation of the mating operation:

The completed assembly will be towed out to the location and installed in the spring of 2018. First Gas is expected later in 2018.

​​​​​​​Here is some facts about the Aasta Hansteen Gas Field, situated close to the Arctic Circle:


The next few years is looking good for the Offshore Oil & Gas and Construction industries in Norway:

That should also help the Offshore Marine industry, one would hope.

There are also good interest for future exploration in Norwegian waters:

Although some of the Oil Majors are pulling out to look elsewhere, with lower costs, environmental and safety requirements.
It is especially noticeable that there are no American oil majors among the applicants.


Johan Castberg Field will break even at USD35/bbl.:


The winners of main contracts for Johan Castberg Field development is getting clear.
FPSO Hull:


FPSO Topsides:
Aker Solutions

Subsea Equipment:
Aker Solutions

In addition, Aker Solutions have received a contract from Sembcorp for the design of Living Quarter for the FPSO:

Lots of smaller contracts have been awarded to companies in Northern Norway:

IOW; “When it rains on the big boys it drizzles on the small” (The “Drizzle down principle” at work??)


He is Norway’s oldest male:

But is he also the oldest living American male??


The deck mating operation of Aasta Hansteen SPAR and deck has been completed:

The two vessels used for this operation was the Swift and Teal, both former Dyvi vessels, built in Korea in1983 & -84 respectively and both old friends from several previous loading and discharging operations in different parts of the world.

I remember Teal especially for the Recovery operation of a 5700 mt module that had collapsed half way onboard during loading in Singapore. It took 53 days to salvage and reload.

Here the situation before recovery:

Recovered, re-loaded and ready for transport to the Danish sector in the North Sea:

During that time the all Russian crew kept the vessel level with the wharf to within 5 cm. at all states of the tide by pumping ballast 24/7. No shore leave. (Tidal diff. max. 3.2 m.)

Here is the improvised device being monitored 24/7. (One Fwrd. one aft):


There are literally “thousands” of posts on this forum about certificates, upgrading, renewal and seatime.
I though it may be of interest to see how this will be handled in Norway from now on:

Self-service, no less.


Aaasta Hansten Field is situated in 1300 m. of water abt. 300 km. off the coast and north of the Arctic Circle.
Here is Fact Sheet for those with technical interests: eCode=en


Another Norwegian drilling equipment manufacturer have got American owners.
Nabors have bought up Robotic Drilling System that develop and produce fully automated drilling equipment for both land and offshore rigs:

Is that the end for Roughnecks??


An oil field being completed a year ahead of time and under budget?
Where can something like that happen???:


Norway, er uh, Romania is awesome…


Yes, by building the hulls at their yard in Romania they are able to compete for contracts from all over the world, even if the outfitting is done in Norway, with the highest labour cost in Europe. (For shipyard workers, technicians, engineers etc., NOT for Executives and CEOs)

US yards should have been able to do the same, if they didn’t have the present restrictions.
Modernizing the production process and lower overhead would also help.


I’m just sayin you’re both awesome.