Norway is really awesome


As we mourn the death of a true, gentleman and modest war hero, the largest NATO exercise since the 1980s has kicked off:


Picture of the Master I think. Lovely ship. Last one I cadetted on. Made me proud to be norwegian xD


Not a veteran ship or boat, just a veteran semi-diesel keeping the beat:

Who need Rock n’ Roll when you have polka for accordion, fiddle and 12 hp SAAB??


Lovely! I believe that’s a Sabb, not a Saab.


Yes you are right. I should know, I owned a boat with a 3 Hp Sabb in my very young and tender days.


Norway call in civilian ship to assist during the large NATO exercise Trident Juncture that have just been completed here in Norway:

The PSV Stril Mar was chartered in from the North Sea spot market pool at competitive rates in competition with other available PSVs in Norway and Scotland. No need to re-activate a mothballed vessel, find crews to man her, or to pay any premium rates for this short assignment.

Looks like a bit of US tax $$ is flowing in to Kongsberg:

That is good, since they need a lot to be able to pay for the takeover of Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine, due to be completed soon.


A new invention that CAN revolutionise the Subsea industry (and reduce the need for CSVs):

I don’t know how many “revolutionary new inventions” have been developed during the downturn, but it is many. Now they hope to cash in on the upturn.

A small software company in Skudeneshavn, Norway has secure a major contract with Tidewater:


The first manned production platform in the Norwegian Sector to be remotely controlled from shore will be a reality in the near future:


Maybe a little late, but here is a video from the US Embassy in Norway showing their US staff trying X-mas specialities from different parts of Norway:

It is from 2015 but it is never too late to say God Jul!!


I am partial to Norway’s moose. So shiny.


Near accident in the Barents Sea:

Did someone accidentally touch a touch screen in the wrong place??


Geiranger is isolated again for the third time this year. Here is a video showing the avalanche as it hurls down the mountain side a few hours ago:

This is the same well know avalanche as the last one. It even have a name; Grandefonna, after the place Grande next to the road to Eidsdal.
There is a fairly large camp site with huts at Grande:

More about winter in Norway. Here is an “Ice Castle” that is situated near the Arctic Circle and the tallest mountain in Northern Norway:

How did this happen? Here is the explanation:

A truck eventually had to give up crossing Saltfjellet in the same area:

More snow news. Come visit the Snow Hotel in Kirkenes:

Condensed Viking history simply told: