Norway is really awesome


A major project is under planning to connect Kristiansand with Trondheim via a ferry free road (E39) along the entire West Coast of Norway:


Norwegian politicians are just like American politicians. They can think of many creative ways to piss away taxpaper dollars on ultra expensive infrastructure, like “bridges to nowhere.”


I have you know that Western Norway is not “nowhere”, it is where monies are made for the whole country.

Modern days attracts thousands of tourists and hundreds of Cruise ships every year to the fjords. They demand easy access and facilities, which is not easy to create in this type of nature.

In earlier times people made their living here by hard work in isolated villages and farms, like in this video from Geiranger 1956:

Here is one modern contraption to keep tourists happy in Geiranger, the Seawalk:


An oil spill exercise has just been completed just outside Aalesund:åler-kolliderer-i-Breisundet.-150-tonn-bunkerolje-havner-i-sjøen.-17421714.ece
International observers, incl. from USCG attended


Clean energy from trash by using natural process to be presented at ONS:


This bus stop in Norway. Not my favorite style, though, it does look cozy.

But here it is in winter.


Apparently it’s a thing in Norway.

But still the people don’t always seem too fond of each other.


If you can see somebody else it’s crowded.


The Guardian weigh in on the Stad Ship Tunnel:

Nice slogan.


The Brits have been training their soldiers, incl. Royal Marines, in winter warfare in Norway for several decades, so this is not something new:



430 m long fish farm


Hi-tech industry that offer well paying jobs for people with maritime background and experience, both on the offshore fish farms, the live fish carriers and the feed suppliers, which is complex vessels in their own right.

Coming to a coast near you soon??


Joachim Ronneberg of Telemark action renown has died 99 years old.
An article in English:


A movie from ancient times.


I never knew Hamburg was a Danish [hailing] port. I guess stock footage is where you find it…


There were and are foreign flag ships travelling the Norwegian coast, incl. German ships with homeport Hamburg,

Most of that short video was filmed in and around Aalesund in early 1960’s when things were simpler and slower. The same video shot today would be full of fast ferries and speeding pleasure boats in place of the nice old wooden fishing boats with semi-diesels that could be heard miles away.


Of course. But the voice was making a point about Norwegian ships at that moment.


The death of Joachim Ronneberg has been noted worldwide. Here is a BBC article about him:

And an interview done with him at the 70th anniversary of the Gunnerside action in 2013:


Flowers are being put around the statue of Joachim Ronneberg at the Raadhuset Plaza in Aalesund:

The statue was put up on his 95th birthday, after he had finally agreed. He insisted that the name of ALL participants in the actions he had been part of during the war was included.

PS> A condolence protocol has been laid out at the Veteran Centre in town.