Norway is really awesome


The nature in Norway is truly awesome, especially if you take the time to only film on sunny days:

It is 50 min. of pure Norwegian propaganda. (But true)
Made by an Austrian film team.


It is that time of the year when Geiranger wake up from months of quiet to a “mini-metropolis”, with traffic chaos and all the illes that follows with it.
But Geiranger has more to offer than most thinks, at least according to this article in


I have survived my first complete winter in Norway since 1968-69. The cold is not a major problem here on the North West Coast, but the darkness is a major item to accept.

But now summer is here, with long days and no real nights.
Here is a picture captured from Aalesund Port webcam at midnight a couple of days ago:

Same picture taken right now (1840 hrs.):

The Cruise ship Zenith is preparing to depart:

Tug Boa Odin on rescue/salvage station for the Coastal Authorities.


Equinor (ex Statoil) is generous with their employees world wide:


For those who have been everywhere, seen everything and stayed in the best hotels, here is a place that you probably missed:

A little extra entertainment MAY be offered from time to time:


US Marines to be stationed in Norway for longer and further north than before:


Yes Statoil or Equinor is very generous spending tax payers money with 16 weeks maternity leave.I don’t see heads rolling when the Martin Linge project is on a 42% overun but then again its only taxpayers money albeit a 15 milliard kroner overrun on 27 milliard kroner project.Not uncommon with Statoil sorry name now changed to Equinor at an estimated cost to the taxpayer approx £20 million.I think a dummy could run Statoil - sorry Equinor with the license to throw tax payers money away at will.
Not so awesome vision of Norway as some would have us believe.


Actually the Norwegian taxpayer (government) own 67% of Equinor, while 33% are held in shares listed on Oslo and NY Stock Exchanges.
Here is the latest list of largest share holders:

Equinor/Statoil is not collecting oil revenue from other operators on the Norwegian Shelf

Equinor operate (or are at least supposed to operate) according to normal commercial rules and regulation worldwide.

The Norwegian Government has another vehicle to manage their direct investment in the activity on the Norwegian shelf, PETORO AS:

Today it has been published that Petoro AS has contributed NOK 56 Bn. to the Norwegian Government coffers:

As to the overrun on the Maritn Linge project there are several reasons. Here is one of them:
FYI; Statoil took over the project from Total in Nov. 2017.

BTW; You forgot to mention that the Aasta Hansteen project was completed under budget and the Johan Castberg project is also expected to come in under budget and ahead of time.


BTW; You forgot to mention that the Aasta Hansteen project was completed under budget and the Johan Castberg project is also expected to come in under budget and ahead of time.
emphasized text

No I didn’t mention those projects as I’m not sure which revision of the budget and planning schedule is the current one they are working to.
I can think of so many projects that are hailed as under budget and on time only to find its revision 26 of the budget and revision 14 of the planning schedule which enables it to be under budget and within schedule.


There used to be a joke going around about something called “Statoil budgeting”:

  • Calculate best estimated cost and time and double it before publishing.

They got caught out when they proudly announced that a project was; “15% below budget and ahead of time”.

A Parliamentarian pointed out that; “even if you are below budget and ahead of time, it is still bad budgeting”.

I was of the impression that they got better at it, but maybe you have some inside information??


Look, some Norwegians on an outing with their cars in the beautiful Sunnmore natur :

OK, maybe not the everyday car for most Norwegians,


Beautiful, except those silly cars kept getting in the way. :slight_smile:


Some pictures from the local paper on the event.
Special treatment on the ferry? Not normally that much space is available between cars :

Different ferry. Still special treatment:

Leaving the ferry:

Lined up at the parking lot at the lookout point on top of Mt. Aksla in Aalesund, before being packed up in containers for the return trip to Italy:

The classical view from there:

That is is you can squeeze between the tourists.


You didn’t like all those Italian cars, did you??
OK, here you can take your time to study some of the places they showed at you own leisure:

Both Aalesund, Trollstigen and Geiranger are available, but not Loen with the glaciers.
It is interactive so you can stop and zoom in anywhere and anytime you like.

PS> This is from 2011 so there may be more places available now.


No mention from you of Koenigsegg? OK, they’re Swedish, not Norwegian, but close enough. To us stupid Americans all of Scandanivia is the same.

Norway can make supercars too, they gave us Buddy and Think.


Yes Buddy may be small, but it can make a big impression. All you have to do is to install a big horn:

But jokes and jokers aside, Norway was early into the electric car market with the Buddy and Think:

The Think scared the auto industry in USA to where Ford bought it to crush it (literally):

Norway is the leader in electric car usage today, with 37% of cars sold this year being electric and US made Tesla is a bestseller:

From 2025 it is the goal that only zero emission cars will be sold in Norway:

Crazy idea isn’t it when you know that global warming is just a Chinese hocks.


That fish hook in your mouth must hurt.


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Just to counter “America First” and “America Only”.
We are living in a multi-cultural age after all.



The latest on the Martin Linge Project from Sysla:

Nice video and pix as well.