NorthStar Marine Recruitment & Consulting

Does anyone have any experience dealing with this company?

Never heard of them. I looked them up. Still, does not ring a bell. I would say proceed with caution if you proceed at all as they have a PO Box and a gmail address for contact on the web-page.

After going to the first step of the registration on the web page, I’m not going to give too many companies my real date of birth until it’s actually required. To ask for first name, last name, an email address, and my birthday just to register before I even know I have a decent job offer is a stretch I would not even make five months ago (I’ve been picking up steady temp work since June, would not even register on that web-site if I saw it back before I was getting work besides teaching).

I worked with John Davis at Northstar before and he was very fair to me.

I like this thread already. Still don’t like the idea of giving my birthdate out with only a minimal awareness of what opportunities may be behind door number one, but if a few others happen to chime in it would be at least worthwhile to drop an email and learn more.