Headhunter Agencies? thoughts?!?

Hello Everyone,

Just curious what people thought about maritime placement agencies such as northstar, faststream or Maritime Headhunters, LLC?

These guys take up to 10% of your gross pay from a hitch, but promise to find you a job. Has anyone used such agencies with success? Is it worth taking such a hit if it gets me a good job?

Obviously I’m considering this route because the job market is horrible. I’d like to hear from anyone about this please.



JC; I have used headhunters in the past, John Davis at Northstar is a good character, Capt. Kelly at Maritime Headhunters is a professional mariner and is to be trusted, I would be careful of any headhunter out of Alabama.

John Davis at northstar is real good, i have gotten many a job from him and he is fair. But i say you should stay away from those Alabama head hunters.

One of the issues I have heard of from a couple of people is that they (the headhunters) will get you into a job. And they will only do this once you have signed over your paychecks to them. That part is not so bad as they are, as far as I know honest about that part. [B]BUT[/B] you have also signed agreeing to pay them a certain amount of money, usually as a percentage of the daily rate for so many days. And they will collect it even if you don’t stay. The problem with this is that in this economy you may only work one or two hitches and barely make enough to pay the agency, so in effect you have worked for nothing. Or if only one hitch you can be in debt to them.

I think this may be what roversea is referring to in Alabama etc.

Headhunters provide a service. It’s a service that you can do yourself. So, generally, it’s not a good idea. The Alabama headhunters are the same as everyone else. You are obligated to pay the fee that you agreed to - straight and simple. That goes for every headhunting agency. If you decide the job is not for you, and you decide to quit, then they’ll keep the entire paycheck to cover their fee. There are a good many people that quit after a hitch, and that is about the dumbest thing someone can do, but it happens often, and they will make their money first - you end up with nothing. Some of the larger agencies have clients that will pay the fee.

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and comments.

I just got off the phone with Kelley from maritime headhunters, he seems like a good guy. I told him that I’m actively applying for jobs and looking on my own. He was good about it and said that it costs nothing for him to look on my behalf and he only charges a one time fee of 10% of the gross earnings from the trip.

As far as I’m concerned, anyone that will help find you a job at no cost unless you take it, is alright by me.

I’ll let you know if I end up getting a hitch…