Noise from academy training ship upsets Castine residents

But while the ship is docked it has been running its diesel generators, to power things like kitchen equipment and other necessities and will periodically be running its main engines. That’s led to complaints from nearby residents about noise, vibration and pollution, as well as concerns about sewage effluent.

Coast_of_Maine gave a response that sounded adequate.

Oh F Oh Darn. The academy has been there for longer than these idiots have. They should have done their due diligence before buying.

That’s like someone buying a house next to an air force base, then complain about the jet noise. Grow up cry babies.


The real issue should be - " the academy received approval from the U.S. Coast Guard in late May to conduct a “cruise” with a total of 60 students, faculty and ship’s crew on board while tied to dock in Castine."

WTF is that supposed to prove to anyone? They could have and should have departed on a “cruise to nowhere” and provided actual operational experience.

The next version of a cruise will probably be an app if this is an indication of the future. To tell the truth, that might be more realistic than this tied to the dock and annoy the neighbors bullshit.


Samat3, I can relate to that. As a youth before leaving Canaveral, we lived in Navy housing near Patrick Air Force base. Some complaints but not by many. Moved to Virginia where a large Master jet base was near, but not too close. The builders/ developers in the 60’s and 70’s bought cheap land and built incredibly close to the flight paths. City council approved most of it to create a bigger tax base. It was “Buy the cheaper home, complain later and often”. That base was there way before any of those buyers were born. No sympathy here. With the virus thing going on, I don’t disagree with MMA not sending those kids out. Hopefully, this is a one time thing until we get a handle on this crazy sickness. Making them sail is kinda like going to a convention about now. One of the crew from the Maersk Utah was a cadet that had to go in quarantine after the ship was relieved.

It is one time, and is not taking the place of a normal cruise. It is limited to seniors from the class of 2020 who were unable to graduate last month due to small gaps in assessment or sea time requirements.

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Glad that they had a plan and got the go ahead through USCG and proper channels involved. Times are what they are, pretty sure those cadets would like to be underway. They are safer where they are at this time and can be monitored for their health.

How are they “safer” from infection at the dock instead of at sea? The claim is no one is coming or going from the ship but if even one person comes up the gangway or any piece of paper or anything else is delivered to the ship that claim is as bogus as the seatime credit.

Not everything can be blamed on the virus.


Think about it for a bit Steamer.

They should be done before 30 days anyway…

I have thought about it.

Now it’s your turn to tell us why they are safer from the virus at the dock than they would be sailing along the coast.

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I agree with what they are doing. No debate here. My turn? Already put that opinion out as to why I think it is a safer option. Let it go sir. It is a one time thing perhaps with the school taking what they think is the least amount of problems and protecting the students with medical professionals nearby IF a problem arises. No one is safe from this crap, at sea or at the dock. At least monitoring and health care is close by. I have no problem protecting our future mariners in this nasty deal of the cards. Noise is the least of my worries. Kudos to MMA for taking care to get their seniors through in these tough times.

This is seriously affecting a lot of people in the town,” said Rogers, adding that, “The school has had nearly three weeks to prepare for this … We’re a week overdue for reducing the noise.”

Maine Maritime Academy leadership unable to resolve a problem in a timely fashion?


Maine Maritime Academy President William Brennan didn’t directly address the pollution issue on Monday evening except to say the ship is required by law to burn low-sulfur fuel. In a follow-up email, he clarified that the ship’s diesel generators consume roughly 1,113 gallons per day or 46.375 gallons per hour.

Email the President of the academy about noise pollution and he sends you fuel consumption numbers in gallons. What kind of operation are they running?

So sad , everyone is offended by whatever. I am offended by the offendeers. You left out the response to the question out that made sense. Kinda like, “I don’t want you to see that response”. Sound familiar? Unneccessary noise from posters on a problem already worked out.

WTF is wrong with the Castine Selectmen?

They must be a bunch of “summer complaint” retirees who became year round residents. They hate the academy and cater to the latest crop of summer complaints.

Imagine how difficult it must be for local private enterprise to operate in a town like Castine.

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They don’t seem to mind or appreciate the business, the economics, the local and statewide enrollment and the jobs the MMA provides for that rather small community.

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Just because they accept the good doesn’t mean they have to accept the bad.

So you believe the boat is going to accept a multitude of visitors from who knows where and put them in close contact for 8 hours each day?

Going on a cruise to nowhere is probably the best quarantine strategy on the planet. If anyone on that ship gets sick they can be removed in less time than it took to diagnose or suspect a viral infection. Once the cadets and crew stepped onboard that ship they not only brought what they had but are from that point onward dealing with what any other cadet or crewman brought onboard.

All that staying alongside does is risk external exposure and save the school a bucket full of cash while denying cadets operational experience,

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All the more reason for staying alongside…You answered your own question. Denying experience is not the goal, they are almost there. Safety comes to mind in this environment.

Thank you for bowing out. It is very difficult to make sense of posts written in such Trumpian rhetoric.