Training Ship Kennedy Involved in Near-Grounding Incident in St. Thomas -Report

Maybe teaching the cadets a little old-school pre-SMS style navigation.

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Just practicing those pesky bow/beam problems for the license exam.

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You have GOT to be kidding. Show Boating? There was a similar incident in Italy a few years back. Did not end well.

Wonder if C.Captain had an opinion?

No inside information on what happened? Showboating, incompetence, accident, engineering?



Now we know why they go straight to drill ships because the can’t drive anything else.

Hmmm and we are paying for a brand new ship for these Tards!!

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Loving the contrasting captions on videos #2 and #3. At least somebody gets it.

I’ve faced significant pressure to pull this kinda shit in order to keep The Man and his guests entertained, but that was while working the scruffy side of yachting. How this came to pass on a goddamn training ship is a pretty juicy mystery, though.

From the next to last video:

Judging from the wake (and the AIS) it looks like the ship approached at a relatively sharp angle and then had to do a little two-step to keep the stern clear.

The rocks look to be on the lee side so wind setting them down.

There’s only a few ways to navigate a ship safely, on the other hand the number of ways it can be done wrong must be infinite. Like the Tolstoy quote.

All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.


Any guess what the day rate is for this Mate on Watch??

I know what it is and it’s shit. At least when Mass is running it. A few years ago MMP had the contract for TAMU’s cruise so maybe I assume it was higher then.

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“Hold my beer, I’ll show y’all what happened to that Sketteener guy…”

My guess would be not a deliberate sail-by but more likely something like making a round turn for some reason.

Running slow and part way into the turn a change in wind/current and the ship started setting more towards shore then anticipated. The bridge not monitoring position sufficiently thinking the turn was well clear.

The navigation process stopped and attention shifted after the ship slowed and the turn started

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That was not the case. In 2017, after TAMU’s cruise concluded the Kennedy was sent to Puerto Rico for hurricane relief. That is when the unions manned the ship. Same with SUNY’s Empire State.

Whatever the reason, this is a training ship. The most important thing they should be training is character and honesty - and also the fact that lessons can be learned from near misses. TAMU should do an expedient investigation and release their findings to the public quickly. What they can not, should not do is be silent on it. What does that teach young officers.


Ah yes your right. Apologies I know they were basically back to back.

I agree, but when I sailed with Capt. Blowhard he used to more or less continuously yap about how no-go areas, voyage plans and the like were all bs. Last I heard he was in a teaching position.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the instructors were “old-school” and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Maybe they were on the other wing getting a sun line.

hope not true !! not a big fan of speculation on stuff like this. It is lots of fun - but not usually helpful. Hopefully TAMU will view this as an opportunity to show how to handle events like this professionally .

Not really speculation, more me being snarky wrt the “we don’t need no BRM” attitude that many mariners of our generation had…

ha - sorry that part wasn’t meant for you, meant for me to stop me from adding my uninformed guess to the mix. Yea my time at sea was kind of the period that bridged the old school and the start of the more modern bridge team. I was pretty lucky to end my time at sea with a couple of unbelievable good, talented captains. Who completely bought into bridge team management. In addition were great teachers. All the deck officers spent alot of time on complicated chemical ships where 2 man checks for near everything was an ingrained way of life.

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