Noble buys Diamond for 1.6 billion

Any thoughts about potential employment, work changes, benefits of this exchange either positive or negative. Lot of mergers going on.

Many companies are making big money and not spending on higher wages. They basically have two choices: buy back shares or buy competitors to grow market share.

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Noble runs leaner marine manning and pays on average 20% less…not good news for Diamond mariners

Noble used to be considered an entry level drilling company and an employer of last resort among the drill ship crowd, don’t know about now though.

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Things might have changed when they absorbed Maersk for Noble but hard to see how. Down to Transocean Valaris Noble , Stena (kind of) and Seadrill (just barely) for GOM work…Valaris probably paying the best out of the rest at this point

Wow. Valaris the high payer. Thats a race to the bottom. Hope the Boys enjoy wearing Yellow!

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That 15+ mile difference for the DODI office personnel is going to be brutal.

Pretty sure a lot of the DODI office personnel will be considered redundant sadly…things will pick up between the remaining drillers but it may be a while until they can absorb folks left out in the cold from this “merger”

What about Helix?

Supposedly the Pacific Vessels and Maersk vessels are still operating on the older platforms for permitted jobs, SMS, and manning.
I’m not sure about pay, but I do know that Diamond carries multiple positions that Noble does not and it will be interesting to see how the manning between the two companies is compromised.
I believe as long as the Diamond drillships are on contract that the contractor will not allow noble to change the manning… unless they charge the contractor less per day… then I’m sure they are all for it.

I believe Diamond was the last of the smaller drilling companies where crews were like families and the office knew everyone on the vessels. Now the big 4 in the gulf are all that is left (Seadrill, T.O., VALARIS, and Noble) and it wouldn’t surprise me if some wage fixing started taking place.

To my knowledge Helix doesn’t drill wells.on!y does P&A and sub sea intervention stuff…so yes they do work in the GOM but not really a drilling company.