Noble Buys Pacific

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this is quite a coup…gonna make the few Pacific hands still working just trilled to death I am sure!

Seems like this was inevitable 5 years ago, not shocked to say the least.

Curious if all the old stuff will be split off into Paragon version 2.0


Two companies were stronger than one back then, why not today!

Tell that to the guys that got transferred to Paragon and were counting the days till it went under and they didn’t have a job. Saw it happen when I was at Noble.

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Noble was a great company before the downturn in 2012. I worked there from 2010 until 2018. The pay wasn’t the best compared to Rowan, Diamond and some of the others for 2AE and 3AE but 1AE and CE paid comparable. Bonuses pushed you over if you were on the right contract. When things started tightening up Noble made some pretty shitty decisions and screwed their crews who had been loyal for years. I saw some shady shit come down from the office. The one thing Noble had going for them were the 4 HHI ships. Those things are insane and out the Samsung 12,000 to shame. I spent some time on Sea Drills West Neptune so I can say first hand. The pacific guys are going to get a crash course in crew bad attitudes.

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Agree, I was laid off in 2017. The HHI ships were fantastic, not perfect but well thought out and Noble did a good job not cheapening out on them.

Pacific was basically Nobles twin brother anyway. Look at who ran the company, plus all of the other previous executives and directors. It was Noble 2.0 anyway.

I wonder how Bernie Woford feels about being Noble again. They cut him when things got tighter in 2018 or so…

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I don’t think Bernie survives, they will use the Noble executives.

Maybe Noble can get a contract finally for the PACIFIC MELTEM, a beauty that never had a date.

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