I have just received a job offer from NOAA for an AB position. Can anybody shed any light on this position for me. Thanks…

Yes I just back from the tug delivery job to Kuwait. I am still working my way back home and will email all my friends with the details as soon as I catch my breath…

In this economy TAKE IT!

If you’re being asked to go to work for a govt job, with benefits, [U][B]and its a permanent berth[/B][/U] why not at least try it?

Who did you get the delivery job to Kuwait with

Feel free to drop me a line with any questions you may have, I am an AB currently employed by NOAA.

I’m an AB and have just finished medical and processing in Norfolk…was sent home to wait out the ppd and send back results…whats next? Thanx

There is no “AB” job with NOAA. The title you will hold will be “Fisherman”, if you are hired onto a fishing boat…

As for what to expect. Well, a lot. If you have any experience fishing, trawl, long line, ect it will be helpful. You will still stand 8hrs a day as lookout and overtime is avalible if you want it, chipping, painting or whatever the Boatswain has planned. Give it a try, you might like it. Some guys do, other guys can’t deal with it… just like any other job. One piece of advice- try to avoid the hydro boats. They spend a lot of time sitting on the hook.

Fisherman ??? That would be bait and switch…

u need to ask them what type vessel you will be on. A NOAA research vessel does many things. If they have you pegged to go on a small 40’ to 50’ boat then you are indeed going to be taking lots of bottom samples and doing ‘bongo net’ sampling. But the reference to ‘fishing’ is largely incorrect on the larger research ships. And I don’t believe the small boats require A.B.s either.

I am wondering if ‘Old salt’ is thinking fisheries observer aboard fishing boats. That you aren’t qualified for (unless you haven’t told the whole story.) The observers I know are degreed biologists or some marine field within a marine background.

But the NOAA fleet is a pretty diverse one, with opportunities all around.

What is the job market for able seaman? Who is hiring besides Msrc


Duties include: Small boat handling; ship maintenance and upkeep;
line handling and warping during berthing and departing movement of
vessels; and handling of deck equipment and supplies. Serves as a
survey and survey-support party member. Stand watches. Performs
other mission-related duties as assigned, including duties related
to the safety of the vessel and personnel as well as conducting
fishing operations.

Fisheries Observers are NMFS employees.

I worked for NOAA for 8yrs and still have many friends working for them, I had the best time of my life working for NOAA and I got to travel all over the place. I started out as an OS and by the time I left I was sailing as a civilian CM and relief Capt. NOAA also taught me to dive and paid me for it. the only reason I left is because Im married and you sail about 240days/ year.

…Fisheries Observers are NMFS employees…

Not exactly. First none are actual NMFS employees. All observers work for a private contractor. Not all observers have a BS in biology or fisheries. But all do have a BS. I was talking to one MMO (marine mamal observer) at a motel in NOLA recently. Its interesting what a person can learn if youre willing to listen :wink:

There are several types of Observers. In the GOM most likely youll run into an MMO on a seismic boat. In the Bering Sea and AK areas there are ground fish, crab, marine mammal, and fish plant observers. Then there are all the special project observers. For example, years ago I met a guy who had to spend a month at a time on a northern hawaiian island observing monk seals… along with two cute woman coworker observes. Just think: deserted tropical island, two cute 20s women, and one guy for a month at a time :slight_smile: