No shame

Well there you have it. No reason to pass this bill other than to put 35 to 70 bilion dollars in the pockets of ISP’s. All your online activity is up for sale and you can’t opt out and the FCC can not make new regs because they used the congressional review law to undo theserotections.

The only info missing is how much gets funneled back to lawmakers.

It Passed

@catherder refrain of “no incumbents” was/is no joke. I called my incumbent but the weasel voted for it.

I confess to have been lurking a bit. I appreciate your comment. This deal regarding internet browser privacy is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the rollback of laws and rules that have benefited the average American. I would go on except that I left this forum bitching about politics, and would rather not go back down that road.