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Suggestion:<br><br> Make everyone pass a spelling test at sign-up. It can even be open book.


Hey man Anchorman! I no lots and lots of peopl that cant spell reel good but they are reely good at other things and stuff. Sum are diclexic and get everything bakwards and stuff but they got the lisence and aare heer to do theyr job and put potatoes (even the vise presadent had sum spellin problems ([<strong>Dan Quayle</strong> spells potato(e)](" title="Dan Quayle spells potato(e))) on the tabl no what I meen man! Its ok man becaus I like you and I think that you reely are a good person you got ambision and desyr and drive and getupandgo zele and comitment and all kinds of crazy stuff that those kinka peopl have man and you no what you want to do and you are reely nice man! Anyway I figurd how to do that blue thing. gtg by man


Im reely good at open book testes and stuff to by man


miniman should try and rise above childish quibble. Obviously it must difficult, especially for someone who drives a hybrid, but try anyway please.


It is a pvoren fcat taht you can trnspasoe any letetrs wtihin wodrs of 4 or more ltteres as lnog as the frist and lsat leertts are corcet and the praragaprh mkaes snese. The hmuan mnid is a wndefurl tnihg. It’s called typonese I think? And it messes with peoples heads when you do it.


Hydraulically speaking, the assertiveness of the speller contemplates the necessity of mainstream prodigal.
Just because you can spell doesn’t mean you should comment here…


Lets see.
c + at = cat
b + at = bat
r + at = rat
wh + at = ?what?
fonex desribes acuratly only 12% of the words we spell. The rest ya just gota remember how to spell.


Eye kin spill reel god, butt donut tip ass will. Aye no ma spilling as god scents eye ooze thee spill chick.


Dyslexics of the world…UNTIE!

JED sends, 54NM E Ambrose Light


Hey JD looks like the counselling you received has had a positive impact on the quality of your posts. They must be real proud of you there in Kearnysville.