No more blank pages for stickers

I recently submitted my remaining gap closure certs. I don’t have any more blank pages. The nmc told me via live chat to request a duplicate book while submitting my courses and there would be no charge.
Today in the mail I got the ‘we need more information’ mail and they want $45 bucks to issue the duplicate book.
I’m going to call Monday to confirm since someone told me I wouldn’t need to pay because I ran out of pages, but I’m curious if anyone else has been down this road? I’m out of pages because of dual tickets, upgrades, and extra stickers accrued because of a few blunders on the nmc’s part when I’ve upgraded.

Sorry to hear that. I had three pages left in my little red book when I submitted my final gap closing certificate last month, and they sent me a new book. Wasn’t expecting it.

I have an update.
Called in this morning, and managed to get to talk to my evaluator. I explained I was out of pages, and wasn’t trying to replace a lost book. She said I still had to pay. After explaining my situation again, and how my 20 pages were full, she said she would ask her supervisor about it.
I just got an automated email that I’ve been approved for issuance. Awesome to get quick results.