No more 200ton?

So I know its been discussed but I can’t find the thread. When are they going to stop issuing the 200ton license. I am taking the course for mate in july but will only qualify for 150ton. Will still be able to upgrade through our mate license. The 200 ton is my golden ticket since I mostly do yacht delivery. I am worried I won’t be able to get one before the change.

The way I read it was that it was going into effect, when the rest of STCW was implemented on 1/1/2012…You will be able to upgrade but you will need more courses to get it…

The funny thing is how the checklist for 200 Ton oceans and NC has has disappeared from the list at NMC…It was there because I used it but now it’s gone…

Anyone have any other info?

Thanks I couldn’t find the checklist either. So it I take the course this summer I am good? I have to get on a bigger boat and quick, LOL.

It’s the 500 ton and 150 ton they are getting rid of. They will still issue them to those that hold them, but no new ones when they go into effect.