NMC taking forever. Security vetting?

I’ve recently applied for my mate of towing on December 22nd 2023 it took them a month to tell me they couldn’t open the email after fighting with that for weeks I resent in everything within a day I called back and they replied they had opened the email. They received it on 02/07/24 and then on 02/21/24 they emailed me to view my application status. My application has been in Security vetting for the past 8 days wth? I’ve never once had an application go to security vetting. Excuse my b****** but I’ve been waiting on this application for 75 days I feel like it’s them F****** with me for constantly calling them this license comes with a pretty sticker and 600$ a day please let me know if I’m being impatient

You are simply receiving what now passes for normal “government service” to taxpayers and fee payers.

Just relax and enjoy it.


Every application for at least 25 years has been vetted for security. It is taking longer than in the past due to recent mandates from Congress on convictions for SASH offenses.


Hey man. Don’t feel to bad. I applied for my mmc and Ab credential on November 16th went into vetting on the 21st of November and as of today March 3rd it’s still in vetting. They said it’s gone through an initial review and was sent for a second review. I believe it’s do to a dui and a simple assault that Happened three years ago. All misdemeanors. I am still on non supervised probation tell next year. I have completed my drug and alcohol classes and got my assessment. My license is no longer suspended and I have letters of recommendation as well as keeping steady employment through out the time period. Does anyone know if they will give me my mmc? I am going on 100 days since I have applied. They haven’t asked me for any additional information. They say it’s in review and they will contact me if they need any information but they haven’t. My job is waiting for me and boss keeps asking when I will be ready to go and I don’t have any answers.

After a lengthy wait I was just recently approved to test for one license that I didn’t apply for and would have to re-test for one exam that I have already taken and pass along with numerous other issues.

I was told regardless of potential errors that I would have to wait for 92 business weeks for them to open and read my request for reconsideration email as my evaluator has decided against returning my voicemails.

I went ahead and reached out to my congressman on the matter and suggest everyone else dealing with issues do the same. Some congressional oversight might do some the NMC some good.

92 business WEEKS?! Nearly two years?!

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USA: We used to be the country of “can do”. Now, not so much. More like the country of “can’t do”. Sigh.

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Id reach out again that’s over 90 days completely unacceptable

At the end of the day we pay them with our tax dollars if you can’t do the job find someone who will

Emailed my application for STCW renewal on 2/10, got email saying it shipped on 3/8. This seems solid to me, and I’m hoping more of you will get yours on this timeframe.

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Submitted for an stcw endorsement 2/26 waiting to be evaluated pqe 3/6

Reached out to the coast guard 4/4/24 Thursday. CG stated that they will respond by the end of day on Friday 4/5/24 waited all day for no response still waiting…

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120 days since I’ve applied my application was mailed 14 days ago. Still haven’t received it

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I submitted mine Jan 10th. Still haven’t gotten it back yet. Latest hick up was them saying I’m only credited with 88 days of sea time, despite me sending them nearly 3000. They claim the “didn’t get” some of the forms. Forms all in the same PDF no less.

Can’t say this is new. I had the exact same issue with my last license where they claimed they didn’t receive documents that were in the package.

Sent in my renewal in December. Received awaiting info about a month later. Somehow a bunch of my certs never made it to the NMC. Resent them, did a take home test and they say they’ll get back to me by the 30th. Still have a few months so I’m not stressing. I expected delays so sent in 7months early.

I’ve seen a bunch of people on Reddit maritime forums calling congressmen after a 2week wait. Impatient much. Haha