NMC office to office?

Hello to all!
I recently submitted my paperwork for my MMC/MMD to Miami REC office, when I logon the USCG website it was submitted to the Boston REC office. 1) Why would this happen? 2) Would it take longer for me to receive my documents? Thank you all in advance for your replies.

Its a mystery, Scooby. Call the 800 number.

Doesn’t really matter what REC it goes to. They all send it to NMC, but yeah if your concerned call the number or send email to NMC they always replied to me within a day or two

Is this the first time you applied for anything since the NMC was set up in WV, and was your last application at Boston REC? It might be that your old file is in Boston and neeeds to be shipped to NMC to process your application.

This is my 1St time, and thanks for the replies, I plan to just let ride out until get the MMD on hand.