NMC Application Questions, help?

I submitted my application to the NMC to sit for Chief Mate Unlimited Oceans and they received it on Nov. 17th. I have all the sea time and all the classes done. My question is about how long should this take? My application status is sitting at Ready to be evaluated by MEB (Medical). Assuming that can get cleared up this week when should I expect to be able to test, I was hoping for January 4th. Also I submitted by package assuming I could use my last medical from 2007, was that right or wrong, I am 99% sure that I could use it for RIG less then three years. I would really appreciate any help or suggestions on getting the ball rolling. Thanks

They’ve sped things up considerably lately, but I don’t know their current turnaround time.

Your medical, however, was only good for 12 months. You need to get a new physical in ASAP. They’ll not move it fwd without it.

Why is the medical only good for 12 months? Is that a new rule? That really sucks because I repeatedly asked them at the REC and at the NMC if that medical would work and they all said “yes.” Thanks for the input.

As long as I can remember a USCG physical has been good for 12 months. If you got it in writing from NMC and/or your REC then you should be covered.

In accordance with 46 CFR 10.207(e), applicants for raise in
grade of a license who have not had a physical examination for an original license or renewal of a
license within the previous 3 years (from the date of application for the raise in grade) must submit
a certification by a licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner that he or she is in
good health and has no physical impairment or medical condition which would render him or her
incompetent to perform the ordinary duties of the license(s) applied for. Applicants may meet
these requirements by submitting a completed CG-719K or approved equivalent form. There are
no physical requirements for raise in grade of licenses if the applicant had a physical examination
for an original license or renewal of a license within the previous 3 years from the dapplication for the raise in grade.

I got that from this website:

Is that enough? I’ve never had to deal with the NMC before, the just Boston REC.

Well cool! When I’m wrong I’m happy to admit it. Maybe 'cause I’ve been one of those “acting as a pilot” types I just got used to the 12 months rule.

For RIG the medical is good for 3 years. As for turn around time with no glitches on your part or med problems you could get approval to test within 30 days of submission. I just submitted app for RIG in Sept using physical from early 2008 and got approval in right at 5 weeks. I could have been approved earlier but they had no records of some of my licenses issued. Boy am I glad I held on to those old licenses. Hard for them to dispute those since they were issued by them. They would not accept my old company sea time letters alone.
Best to you.

Great! I was worried about that. Hopefully I can just get approved to test before Jan 4th! I wish there was some way to speed up the process.

Dream on. Sounds like you have done your part.
Keep your cellphone handy and answer the numbers you don’t recognize. My evaluator made one call to me that I missed and was getting the letter ready to mail me when I called the number back that was on my phone. I was able to correct the deficiency on their part with that call and one fast email with attachments versus receiving her letter by snail mail and then replying.