The NMC, a bitter sweet story

I originally put in my application for a Raise in Grade from 2nd Mate Unlimited on Oceans to Chief Mate Unlimited, Oceans, on Nov. 13th 2009. After weeks of not being touched at all they finally informed me that my physical had expired, no big deal, I sent an update one that day. More and more weeks went by and suddenly my application flew through the processes and I was finally approved to test on Jan 4th 2010. Needless to say that was not a fun process. Now the NMC starts to shine. I took my exams as soon as I could, Jan 11th was my exam start date. I ended passing all 9 exams in 2 days. The USCG submitted my scores on the 12th and my license was issued and mail on the 15th!! I headed back to work throughly pleased, even after the CG drug their feet for almost two months. Now they really suprised me. I submitted an application to add a VSO endorsement on the 25th via email through the Baltimore REC and it was approved, printed and mailed to me on the 29th. Pretty impressive NMC. Mariners deserve more experiences like I had, I hope this is a trend they plan to continue.

Where’s the bitter part? I think I missed it…:smiley:

That doesn’t sound like they were dragging too long to me. Mid November till mid January roughly 8 weeks, start to finish. Not so long ago we would be expecting 2 or 3 times that for a processing time.
Congratulations on the ticket.

All of my experiences with NMC have been like this or better. Do your paperwork right and follow up, they try hard. All of my evaluators have. Only problem I ever had was TSA getting my TWIC information over to the NMC last March, but that was a problem with TSA not NMC. Took eight weeks to resolve, but they did resolve it. Hope my future transactions and everyone else’s continue this standard or better.


After weeks of not being touched at all they finally informed me that my physical had expired
I am waiting over a month for the VERY FIRST portion of “Ready to be evaluated MEB”

I am in for a raise in grade and they have a physical 2 years old on file from my last renewal. CFR 46 10.207

Im sorry but this is [B]not[/B] acceptable to me. And yes they have my contact info.



I’ll vouch for the bitter part,10 months 18 days for an endorsement,this is not acceptable.Applied March 09 completed Jan 10

Mine was not the average application,but certainly within parameters of the CFR’s.If it does not work on the flow chart they were clueless.Each time they asked for additional clarification I provided it within a week,then they took 8 weeks to look at it and reply.

My biggest problem was lack of communication.evaluator not available,or couldn’t answer the question and promised a return call that never came.

What an abyssmal failure

Thank God I could work in the meantime