Newly admitted VOT major

Hello everyone my name is JT and I was just admitted to MMA’s VOT. (Vessel operations and technology) Major program. I was hoping to get some help on potential jobs after graduation with a 1600 ton license. My original plan was to get my unlimited with the Marine transportation as I wanted to be a riverboat pilot like my uncle but things changed because the marine trans major was full. Any information on how the school was for you, job possibilities for this major, starting pay, etc would be awesome.
Thank you all in advance

Marine Trans. Major was full? Not sure if they only offer one unlimited license major or not, but why not get in like you’re doing, then change majors next fall if they’ll let you? It’s a huge benefit getting that unlimited 3/M ticket, then you can decide what career path you want to take after graduation.

You’ll still do fine, i went through it when it was SVO.

It could cost you an extra semester in the long run but get started in Vot then switch to marine trans next year if that’s what you want to ultimately do. Main difference is only a handful lf classes over 4 years, regiment and training cruises. Once you’re there, make sure you make it clear with the registrar/your advisor early on and if they are worth a fuck should help you make it easier. I Can think of a few things but I’m not going to spoonfeed everything.

Did you apply/commit late?

Start pushing as soon as you get to school, chances are high someone won’t make it all the way through freshman year. Some might not even get out of indoc.

Just came across this post, and I can give you a firsthand experience on what your going through. I started out VOT and switched my major about a month after school started. Once you are a student and paying good money for this education changing majors is not a problem, especially to a regimented major that costs more. granted you will start the regiment as a sophomore if you still wish to pursue an unlimited license but that is not difficult at all. Take a regular class load after your first year and you will still be able to graduate in four years total. As far as jobs in the future, an unlimited license is just what it says, unlimited. there will be more opportunities, but it all depends on what you would like to do. Personally, even though I had no maritime background, I figured it couldn’t hurt to have the higher license especially because the only difference in the majors is another math and physics, some personal development classes and the regiment which isn’t bad.