A Few Questions on Maine Maritime

Hey… first post here. Have been reading through the threads and it seems like theres a lot of knowledge here so I thought I’d post a couple questions I have to see if anyone would be able to help me out. Here is my current situation… I am currently active duty in the Navy forward deployed with less than a year remaining on my contract. I am looking to break into the maritime industry post discharge and looking towards Maine Maritime as I have lived my entire life in Maine. I am 25 years of age and will be 26 by the time I started.

My questions:
[li]My ultimate goal is to be in the coastal region of Maine (or somewhere in New England). Tug / Pilot Boat / Ferry etc. With Maine offering both the MTO program and the VOT program, the VTO is what I’m looking at. Question is, does it make sense to just complete the MTO program and be eligible to sit for the USCG 3rd mate unlimited license? I feel as though, its there so why not? Not sure if I am approaching this from the wrong angle or have things backwards.[/li][li]I believe I read somewhere along the line that veterans are eligible for off campus housing. Is this true and if so does this still apply to freshman? [/li]
[li]I am currently taking classes online at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. I have only taken two classes. The first I killed with an A but the second one I ended up going out to sea and have missed two weeks so my grade won’t be spectacular. Will this be a big issue? [/li]
[li]Will my 4 years of sea time be useful in anyway post graduation? Can I apply this time towards possibly 2nd mate? I know I’m thinking way ahead with this one but just curious. [/li]

Thanks guys and I look forward to hearing any insight you may have.
Cheers all

In my opinion you should go with the MTO program or any other that allows you to sit for the Unlimited 3M License. This will allow you a lot more career options.

It’s been a while for me but I know the housing rules have relaxed over the years. You will probably have to live on the ship for the RPT time but since you’ll be 26 I’m sure you’ll be able to live off campus after that. Also, these rules only apply to people in the regimental programs.

I’d say ask the admissions office on the course questions. I’m also not sure on the previous sea time but I don’t think it will help.