New York City Seeks To Revitalize "Blue Highways" To Reduce Pollution &

EDIT: This is an old article - the more recent link is in post # 3 below.

It’s been two years now. Not much changed.

Didn’t notice the date - here’s a more recent article:

New York City officials plan to turn six waterfront locations into maritime shipping hubs as a way to handle the booming number of e-commerce deliveries across the five boroughs.

Isn’t this what this sites owner was talking about a couple years ago? Barging UPS trucks around Manhattan or something like that?
I only pick up NY news sporadically, but everything I have seen of the Adams Mayoral tenure has been quite bad. Tammany Hall wetting its beak bad.


Here’s the five hubs planned:

The request seeks an engineering firm to design barge landings and access points where e-bikes and small delivery vehicles can transport cargo for the “last mile” of its journey. The locations include:

  • McGinnis Cement Terminal in the the Bronx’s Hunts Point neighborhood
  • Stuyvesant Cove adjacent to StuyTown
  • Pier 36 on the Lower East Side
  • Downtown Manhattan Heliport in the Financial District
  • The 23rd Street basin and 29th Street apron on Brooklyn’s Gowanus Bay

I love investment in Blue Highways, but unfortunately this is more like blue alleyways. Their projections of getting 6k trucks over a year off the road are great, but I’d have to see it to believe it, and really I want much higher freight volume than that. The GWB sees over 23,000 trucks/DAY! Is this the government version of greenwashing? We could be moving that freight tonnage along I95 corridor by rail or barge instead, and get fuel efficiency benefits even if the last mile was still truck.,between%20275%2C000%20and%20300%2C000%20vehicles.

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I don’t think it’s 6000 truck/year, probably means 6000 fewer truck needed overall to maintain deliveries at the same rate.

I wouldn’t bet on this being a huge success. These are the same people who invited the world’s disadvantaged masses to move to their city without plans to accommodate them and then panicked when they showed up.