New to SIU

Hello all,

I new to the SIU and sailing in general and had a few questions I can’t seem to get a straight answer on anywhere.
I am about to go on my first ship and would like to know which forms and paperwork to fill out in regards to pension plans in the SIU and health insurance. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Why don’t you ask SIU?

Because that would make sense.

Nice! Thanks for the professional help. Makes me regret ever learning about this shitty website.

Sorry, but this site is for professional mariners, not professional HR personnel for SIU. Even current SIU members probably couldn’t tell you what you want to know because they’re only filled them out once a long time ago. If you have questions related to the maritime industry this is the place, your question wasn’t on the right topic.

Well you definitely have the right temperament for the SIU :roll_eyes:. Thicken up that skin and best of luck to you.

Sorry dude but chances are slim anybody remembers the forms they filled out their first day with SIU from years ago. I filled out those forms and like you had a tough time getting answers from SIU about certain things. It comes with the territory.

Hahaha awwww boo hoo. Toughen up and ask the right people.

Ask at the hall… if they give you a glazed over lot, contact plans at Piney Point…

Winner winner chicken dinner

Suck a bag of dicks…the whole bag…individually

This isn’t the SIU help desk, and if your problem solving skills decided that asking about what is essentially pre employment paperwork on an Internet forum instead of calling the union, then you should go back to flipping burgers.


Wroooooong industry for you, my friend. Shitty website? You didn’t like what was said here?
With your attitude on a ship, you will have two options- either you add some weight to your body and jump overboard, because your thin baby dick can’t take a straight answer, or they will roll you up in a carpet and chuck you in the waves.

Toughen up, baby skin.

Guys… What the hell is going on? I’ve been getting these kind of people ^ left and right, as of late.

“Oh merchant marines, my buddy told me he a marine so I wanna be a marine so I signed up”

Guys can’t even hold their own dick without assistance, no problem solving skills, crying day and night like babies with soiled diapers, lazy as f***, no interest even.

Go away. Please.

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Shit I sail in SIU(not by choice) and I don’t even know…but I’d probably call my local hall first…Good Luck.

Not by choice? As in, they got jobs and you can’t help but go through them?

IIRC, he works for a tug company that is SIU. The union didn’t get him the job but to work there he has to be union.

What he said^^^

Sounds like IBU. In fact, IBU is nothing but that.

Not saying I’m anti union or anything just would prefer AMO in the long run and grand scheme of things…

Going without a union representation is like putting a noose around your neck.

I only asked because you said “not by choice” and I keep hearing bad things about SIU lately

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Maybe…I’ve sailed both union and non union and I typically just try to stay waaaaaaaaay off the radar. No need to ever bug the office…no issues yet…knock on wood.