New Sticky - Jobs

John,<br> It seems like there is a wealth of people that frequent this site specifically to get information on companies, schools, and maritime employment.<br><br>How about a sticky where everyone can post company information, contacts, benefits, and experiences. This information is scattered throughout the site,…because it gets knocked-off and the same question is asked again, and again.

Love it.

Excellent idea !

hmmm… I do like the idea but that was the intent of the “Jobs” Category. I’ll certainly give it some thought though. Do you guys use the category page?

No, just the discussions page.

John,<br><br>A suggestion - Put the <strong>Categories</strong> tab on the start up tab first in line, ahead of <strong>Discussions</strong>, or better yet, have the start up page go directly to all the categories in menu form, leaving the <strong>Discussion</strong> tab available as a quick link to “recent” discussions.<br><br>Just a thought, eh…

Great idea! I’ve posted a poll in the sidebar… let us hear your thoughts.

I voted for other. I actually think that you should get rid of all the sub forums and just use 1 general discussion one. 200+ topics in the time this site’s been up really isn’t that many. The international and Navy sub forums only have 4 and 1 discussion’s respectively. Regardless of what you do, the jobs sticky is a very good idea IMO.