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I live in south Louisiana fairly close to alot of boat companies so knocking on doors is very possible.But,I am 54 years old and havent been aboard a vessel in about 27 years.I held a 100 ton ocean operator license and worked crew boats,supply and seismic vessels,and started in the diving business before switching to boats.I have been operating a concrete boom truck for the last 27 years and I have the itch to return.I am thinking if I don’t do it now I will have regrets in the future.The inland river work has grabbed my interest,so I am asking,What may be some reputable inland towboat companies that will give me some training?I have electronically applied to a few companies,Kirby,and Ingram.I know anything is possible but I need to be realistic here.

I would stop in and talk to Crosby Tugs in Golden Meadow. The have alot of boats, anything from inshore to offshore stuff. I think Spence Guidry is still the HR manager over there, he is a nice guy. Good Luck!

I agree with CoastalDPO, also you will not have any luck with the river companies such as Ingram, ACL, etc. Building 30 barge tows is for the very young with strong backs. Besides for you to go from deck to wheelhouse on the large river tows is 4-5 years minimum. That said, plenty of OSV/crew boat companies would be happy to hire a 54 year old AB, and the pay is much better than inland.
Good luck

Very interesting answers because I was thinking inland would hire me but not offshore.Since my sea-time and license/AB card are so old I am wondering if the time I spent years ago on-board will help me in the hiring process?I have my TWIC card so what other documentation would be good to have when checking out these OSV/crew boat companies?When I left the business Loran C was our tool and marine operators were our only hope for calling home,I can only imagine the electronics in the wheelhouse now?

[QUOTE=totoro;60936]I held a 100 ton ocean operator license and worked crew boats,supply and seismic vessels,and started in the diving business before switching to boats.[/QUOTE]

Ha! 100 ton ocean operator license. Don’t use that phrase around the NMC. They won’t know what it is. :wink:

Heheh Talk about hawsepiping it! My first license was for 50 ton 50 mile ocean operator.

I joined this profession at 58. Got my 50 Ton in 2006 and sailed for over 90 days on a vessel over 50 ton to upgrade to 100 ton. Took all the courses and tested to upgrade to 500 ton in 2010. Now hold 500 ton master/oceans. Need under 30 days one a vessel over 100 ton to upgrade to 1600 ton. Would like to work OSV’s in the Gulf when I get the 1600. If it is something you want to do, go for it. I did not want to be sitting around going “coulda,woulda, shoulda.” Utilize you wisdom, gather some knowledge and go for it. I am glad I did.

Thank you gentlemen for your honest replies.Went to the the REC in Mandeville to pick up my paperwork for my MMC as I already have my TWIC card.I found my Z-card from '81,same person just add a lot of sun…Captain Bob,may I ask what your line of work was before the boats?

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