New source for economical sextants

They beat Weems & Plath and Tamaya handily on price:


Wonder what the index error is on one of those.

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About tree fitty


“Welllllllllll it was about dat time….”


California has determined owning this sextant might kill you. :grinning: Is there anything that WON’T make you sick, according to California? :laughing:

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This looks like a very cheap replica. Buyer beware.

Surprised it is actually a legit product in their store. I am happy to shop at Harbor Freight but I also know my expectations. Pretty funny read on the reviews, some folks truly thought they would get a useable product for $30 and not a decorative piece.

That it measures 2" x 4" is kind of a give away…


Ya think? :wink:

Taken from the Manual: Functional sextant for display only; do not use for navigation.

You get what you pay for!

The cheapest and most useable one I have found is $100 and that got me a near mint condition Davis Instruments vintage model, less than that and it’s just a decoration most likely.

I think I will stick with LORAN. It’s on sale on EBAY. :laughing:

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I see I should have used the sarcasm font… :wink:

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Where’s the fun in that?

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Who can still use one or has used one of these old sextants lately (no drum type micrometer)

Source: Tall Ships | Useing a sextant … | Facebook

I’ve used one with a vernier, but not recently.

So did I, way back in 1968-70. I was on a ship built in 1938 and the sextant was probably from then too.
After WWII she had been in North Sea trade, where the sextant was not much used.
But it had been kept well polished, like everything else on board.
Trying to read the markings were rather difficult, to put it mildly.
But we managed to find our way between island and reefs somehow.

This ship:

Update: Her WWII history


To prevent offence it has been renamed the sackstant

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