Sextants and others

Hi there, If someone is looking for a good refurbished Sextant.
I am selling various models, all good for practical navigation.
Started a small website. Give it a check if your interested

greets Robin

Can you share your email address on here? I wanted to send you a message but I couldn’t find it on the website.


Any unsalvageable ones that may be suitable for decorative purposes?

My email adres is:

Yeah sure got some nice original old ones that are perfect for decoration.

I have bought a Tamaya sextant from Robin and it was excellent.

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my service blocked access to your website, anyone having issues about that?
I’d like to have a look.

Hi, did you try another browser?
It should be working i get people saying this to me sometimes when they use the apple browser.
If it doesn’t work just give me another message.
Thanks :pray::+1:

Works for me using Chrome on Win10.