Refurbished Sextants

Hi all, I am a starting seller from holland.
Selling Refurbished Sextants which can be used for practical navigation.
Mainly Freiberger and Tamaya. new prices are at least 1500 euro some models even up to 2500 euro’s
These sextants mainly come from ships and hardly have been used.
I let them have a service and clean them and inspect everyone before selling.
If you live in Holland feel free to come around and check for yourself.
Sending is also no problem. Price around 400 euro each.!
pls sent a private message if you are intrested in owning a firstclass sextant. sextanten|690x388

I’ve always admired sextants, have absolutely NO practical reason to have one around but maybe a neat one? Like a $30 fake Rolex, works etc. I’m good.
You could post your web site here so a person could look at them, doubtful it’d raise any problems?

Hello nice to hear you’re interested.
Don’t have a website maybe in the far future. For them moment just a private seller. I am almost out at the moment.
Have a few still at home which aren’t mine but selling for other people.
Half of January i will get a batch of new ones. At the moment i myself are am at sea so i can’t really post and pictures.
I will sent some as soon as i am at home.
Thanks for your interest and reply.


i’d look at some pics, might find a interesting one, it wouldn’t have to work but by and large i’m a tire kicker !