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Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself and ask some general questions. My name is Ryan , Im 25 years old from Syracuse,NY. I have been interested in the maritime industry since I was young. Now I feel that is is the perfect time to start my career in the industry. I have applied for my TWIC (Card) and my MMD (MMC) Card. I have been looking at several different companies in the Offshore supply chain. Particularity Chouest.

When I receive my documents does this give me a chance to apply for an Ordinary Seaman? I obviously wont have any experience.I would eventually want to move to AB and then Mate… Which I know will take time.

Thanks for reading, And look forward to chatting with everyone.

Syracuse, NY

Apply to everything and pray.

First welcome,

If you have the means and the acumen, get yourself into an approved training program. Since you’re in NY take a good look at the two year program ant SUNY, It’s the fastest and cheapest way to get into the pilothouse. You are entitled to instate tuition.You should see if you can get a scholarship. If you can hack the math, then my advice is to go engineer. Much better employment options, both in the maritime industry and outside.

You will still have plenty of time to be an AB, but if you get the schools done early you won’t be spinning your wheels.