New film ' Dunkirk'

The new film ’ Dunkirk 'features some wartime ships. The hospital ship shown at the first part of the film is the MS Rogaland from Stavanger.
Here she is with a makeover for her film part.

Here she is back home in normal clothes.

Its like Ombugge keeps telling you
`Norwegian ships are in the forefront of everything😂


But they did not get as much screen time as the British Spitfires.

Gryhpe, your right , the Spitfire scenes were a lot longer and a good piece of filmmaking.
In the film the ’ Rogaland’ was sunk and again it was good filmmaking . Not sure how they did that whether it was models or animation.
I imagine the Restoration Society that runs the Rogaland earned some good money from the film to ensure the Rogaland sails for a few more years.:+1:

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Who noticed the timeslip… container cranes behind the heroes on the beach.
In another clip they were boarding the little ships from a marina pontoon. … Like … when was the first marina built in England?

What bothered me most is they had maybe 1,000 extras on that beach which left a whole lot of open sand throughout the movie. In reality over 338,226 men got lifted from that beach.

For me it made the whiole thing “feel” like a minir event.

Yes, for those of you who have seen the film its obvious it wasn’t a big budget ‘ Hollywood’ extravigansa, but OK in its way. I guess it will be out on video soon if not already.

Torrent the screener and you can have it right now

I guess i’ll read the book again!!!, as for the new Churchill movie, I’ve read enough about him I’d hate to endure what can likely be a questionable authentication.

I recently finished William Manchester’s biography of Churchill. No movie will do it justice.

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yea, I read a early short version recently of his escape as a pow in the
boer war, south africa when he was about 20.

I just finished your Horizon book, really enjoyed it. Ive been in onshore exploration most of my career so the tests, equipment etc. were familiar and helped me understand what went wrong. I live in Baton Rouge so we watched the broken BOP spew oil so long I thought it would never end. Thanks for a great read.

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You’re welcome.