New employee question

Hello. Is there any reason I should send my 16 years of my Navy sea time to the Coast Guard if I am going to be working in the Steward position?

Thank You

What is the Navy sea time?

Depends on what the sea time is but the answer is, of course, if USCG accepts it. You never want to lose it. You never know, you might want to change your career path down the road.
What did you do in the Navy?

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Your navy sea time of 16 years does not equate to 16 years for the Purposes of Maritime endorsements. Depending on what you did (Submariner time counts towards nothing) you could obtain Able Seaman Special, Limited, or Unlimited. If you were at least a BM in the navy you should have enough time for Able Seaman (Depending on Navy Sea time). You could then ask the Captain to let you sail on Deck and double or triple your earnings.

However, Able Seafarer-Deck is in effect. But Ordinary Seaman is still available.

What did you do in the Navy? Maybe Iā€™m going in the wrong direction. Did you work in Engineering?

If you are an AB you may be able to work in the stewards department and make more money because you fill an AB requirement for the ship.